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Outer Sunset, San Francisco
"Pick a Flower" -- on the Night Vision Puppets Facebook Page



NIGHT VISION PUPPETS  ... is a puppet troupe based in San Francisco primarily involved in street theatre and television performances.  The troupe was organized in 1974 and has performed in Spanish and English, on television and in live performances, often on the streets. In the late 1970s and early 1980s the puppets appeared regularly on the local late-night TV show, "Shock Theatre," with Dr. Creep (Barry Hobart) in Dayton, Ohio.  

Live performances usually involve the use of the "walking stage,"trademark a framework of aluminum tubes covered with fabric that allows the puppeteer to walk among the audience.

Creator / director / performer John Higgins thought he had "hung up the stage" in the early 2000s . . . but the puppets pulled him out of retirement in 2007. A fellowhip as an artist/scholar-in-residence at Sidestreets in Nicosia in 2008 brought the puppets back to Cyprus after a 12 year interlude.

The last "walking stage" performances were in fall 2010 in the UN Buffer Zone and the Buyuk Han in Nicosia, Cyprus, during Higgins' time as a Fulbright Scholar with the Cyprus Fulbright Commission... but the puppets still show up from time to time on video.

Photos and updated info are available on Facebook/NightVision/Puppets.




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ethcing: walking puppeteer-Carl Lindstrom circa 1836


creep and obieyoyo [tm]

Shock Theatre (1977-1980) Website

Shock Theatre YouTube Channel

etching by Carl Lindstrom circa 1836 Naples



Cyprus 2010: sponsored by the Cyprus Fulbright Commission

Brochure in English


Flyer in Turkish, Greek, & English
flyer for show




Nicosia, Cyprus 2008
Fellowship/Residency at "Sidestreets"

Promotional flyer created by Johan Pillai







John Higgins
San Francisco, California, USA
email: john [at] nightvisionpuppets [dot] org
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