Shock Theatre

Shock Theatre was a late night TV show in Dayton, Ohio from 1972 to 1985. The program played low budget horror movies with local cut-outs that featured skits, commercial parodies, and satire. For a few years, the show was called "Saturday Night Dead," since the program followed Saturday Night Live on the local station.

The host was Dr. Creep (aka Barry Hobart -- Various characters shared the screen with Dr. Creep over the years; various producers were responsible for the on-screen chaos.

The Shock Theatre years covered on this site are from 1977 to 1980, when obieyoyo trademark and other night vision puppets tm trademark worked on-screen with the Creeper, and John Higgins was producer. Selected segments are being posted on YouTube as they become available at

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  film reel out of grave
Dr. Creep in coffin  


Shock Theatre "Classic" Playlist -- 1978/1979
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Dr. Creep from the open to Shock Theatre -- 1979    
Dr. Creep and Obieyoyo (tm)  


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Obieyoyo (tm) and Dr. Creep -- 1979    


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